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I went coffeeneuring this Autumn

The idea was to cycle to 7 different coffee shops over 7 weekends.  It sort of worked.  It’s not that we  don’t have so many coffee shops here but many of the decent ones are closed on Sundays. One one occasion  I nearly had to go to Starbucks but came home instead, on a day when I was cycling round town doing the messages, which maybe didn’t count, except in terms of caffeine and calories.

I found that  weekends are often too busy – the joy of not having paid work is that you never really get a day off.  And on several occasions I was accompanying another coffeeneure who freelances and therefore has to work all sorts of odd hours, so we did a few weekday rides too.  As she lives about  10 miles out of town her mileage was much more than mine – I have to cycle the scenic route just to make it more than a mile into town.  Also I am a lazy wimp, so long rides and rainy rides do not appeal.

So here they are – but probably not in the right date order because it was complicated enough to do this.  It was fun, but my total mileage was less than 40 miles.  Yes, in total – I told you I was lazy.  But I did enjoy it a lot – and I will do it again especially as two rather lovely new coffee-shops will be opening in our town before too long: both independent, both serving Fairtrade coffee. And hopefully both with bike-racks.


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